OEP in Elgin

What I saw in Elgin.

Staged boxes full of products ready to be put in tubs.

Totes (in boxes) and completed jobs already bagged & labeled.

Play It Smart ready to go!

More bagged jobs ready to be put in totes.

Products all the way from China!

A whole section staged with product
(skids are 2 deep and about 30 ft long total).

Hydro Sequence just received from the laminator...
waiting to be bagged & labeled.

All the jobs that are bagged & labeled (totes in background).

Product for totes counted & ready to bin.

Clothes pins counted.

Glowsticks bagged & ready to go.

(another view of) Staged product.

Better view of the Totes & completed jobs.

Another job ready to go.

Extras from the laminators.


View of the WHOLE staged area...
Product in the front all the way to the totes in the back.
It was well over 30 skids of wonderful stuff!!!